Today, intuitive and interactive web design plays a vital role in online industry. A website design represents the business of the brand and becomes an identity of the organization. It portrays the company and “what it is all about”. In simple words, it is a first impression to your customers that communicates your competent approach to business. In the past few years, we have seen a lot of development and changes in the field of website designing. Among various developments, Responsive Website Design is one of the recent developments that have come into existence that is rapidly changing the ways and trend of designing.

The emergence of responsive web design has brought a huge transformation and modification in the designing world. It is an approach that enables user to look at the same website on different screen size, platform and orientation. The design and development of Responsive Website Design is made in such a way that it responds to the behavior and environment based on the device being used by the site visitor.

It is a practice that consists of flexible grids and layouts, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries which automatically switches to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities and respond’s to user preference, be it a laptop, iPad, iPhone, mobile or tablets.

We can convert your existing website to a Responsive Website so that it will open and navigate on all DESKTOPS, SMARTPHONES and TABLETS. It is estimated that 70% to 80% searches are done on smartphones and tablets.

What is a difference between a Regular Website & RWD Responsive Website 

Regular Website
Responsive Site
  • Links are too small for touch screens making navigation difficult
  • Fonts are too small
  • Images are too large which will increase load time
  • Menu is easy to find and links are large enough to touch
  • Fonts are perfectly legible
  • Images are optimized for lower load times

Why Responsive Web Design 

  • In the rapidly growing world of gadgets, people prefer to access the websites through their handheld devices instead of their laptop.
  • A responsive website has more ability to catch hold foot traffic and being accessed by users than a non-responsive one.
  • Responsive design fully leverages the online presence that your business enjoys and is a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.
  • There is no need to have a second website for mobile devices as the Responsive Website will be compatible on all platforms and gadgets.

Leverages the concept of being available across all devices 

  • Accessible on any and every device of your customer’s choice
  • A single site that conforms to the need of all devices
  • Enables a complete and consistent website on different screen sizes
  • Effectiveness of your online campaigns gets enhanced
  • Reaches to a much wider market
  • Brings good control over your website’s look and feel.
  • Boosts your brand recognition
  • Available to be open for business 24×7

Get a new responsive website or update your existing website to a responsive design TODAY!

We provide Responsive Websites services in all regions.

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